FM Alex Salmond’s last speech: ‘It’s not all over’

Alex Salmond will today insist that the fight for independence is not over, claiming the referendum will be seen as a key moment in the break-up of the UK.

At the SNP autumn conference, Mr Salmond will urge activists to step up recruitment to their cause so that party membership breaks through the 100,000 barrier.

In his outgoing speech as SNP leader, Mr Salmond will say that if his opponents had thought Scotland would be “quietened” by the No vote, they were mistaken.

“They thought it was all over … well it isn’t now,” he will say, playing on the famous commentary when England won the World Cup in 1966.

Despite the No side recording a victory in September’s referendum, Mr Salmond will say that history will regard the independence poll as the day Scotland took control of her destiny.

With membership of the SNP soaring since the referendum, Mr Salmond’s address will be seen as an attempt to reassure his grassroots supporters that their dream is still alive.



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